The Kittens, at their purest, are a songwriting duo consisting of Bryan Mills of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland and Nick Munro of Edinburgh, Scotland. They found one another in a basement tavern in Edinburgh's mirky Old Town where Bryan regularly sang and an immediate affinity was struck up, based on the melodic strength of Bryan's writing and a shared obsession with the craft of song. A band was soon formed and songs were written, with Bryan's old school pal Ivor Talbot playing third man. But, after leaving University and dwelling in Edinburgh's dark underbelly, Bryan's Irish feet grew itchy again and he took the long road south to London to sell his soul and become a session musician. After much deliberation, Nick decided to stay in his beloved Edinburgh and watched Bryan flee the nest with a mixture of poignancy and delight. Across the years the pair continually felt the pull of their shared musical consensus driving their creative yearnings. Songs were crafted and demo'd then sent across the country on cassettes always confidently landing on the lap of a like mind. By now called The Kittens, the songs had become stripped back to an absolute minimum, always searching for the strength that only simplicity can provide, like the songs sung in pubs across Scotland and Ireland for generations before. Geographical separation made live appearances rare and wonderful, many audiences finding themselves in a state of spellbound awe at the pure romantic melodies and haunting harmonies. Roping in a variety of friends and family depending on where they are playing, The Kittens sound is now at its final resting place; firmly entrenched in the world of traditional songwriting, somehow balancing musical accuracy and ramshackle presentation.

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The Kittens are:
Bryan Mills
(ac. guitar, accordion, vocals)

Nicholas Munro (melodica, ac. guitar, glockenspiel, drums)
+ Jon Simcox (casio, drums)
+ Matthew Hicks (bass, drums, melodica)
+ Lucy Munro (backing vocals)
+ Jennifer Lewandovski (backing vocals, harmonica)
+ "Cousin" Simon (backing vocals)

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