TERRAKOTA 22 abril 2005

In 1999,three elements of the band,after a few years of a serious study of Mandinga percussion,went on a trip of around 3 months to Western Africa(Senegal,Mali,Burkina Faso and Marble Coast),where they met with a variety of new harmonies and rythms with an outstanding purity and simplicity. The band began right there and starts experimenting in African ground,learning from breed musicians as well as from the simple citizens. Before their return,they acquired a series of traditional instruments(built with natural raw materials) and learned the basics on how to play and build them. Back to Lisbon,they carried on with the work they had started in Africa and following its growth the admission of 3 more elements from diverse musical backgrounds in a first stage and in the next year the last of the present 7 elements. On the course of these 2 years the band has worked effectively to create its own warm and exotic sound with contagious performances in wich the public joins a trans-African trip ending up with a big party. Nowadays,TerraKota..s music can be described as an effervescent fusion of African sounds from the continent-mother to all the destinations of the African people all over the world,being all the influences catalysed in a reaction of vibrant and explosive energies.The band also shares with the African peoples a strong bond with reggae that in general has in Africa the same dimension that pop rock achieves in the West, enhancing its importance in the development of their work.

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