GLASSGLUE 9 junho 2006

Os londrinos Glassglue trazem neles uma desconstrução musical de escola Beefheart e Zappa: devaneios de free jazz rítmico; solos de guitarra desconchavados; bateria frenética de som (de)cadente; e uma voz num misto de rouquidão romântica e loucura pacífica. As palavras que se seguem dizem (quase) tudo:

“Tall, charismatic madman Marcel Stoetzler makes a striking frontman for this oddball quartet from Weirdsville. He is superbly complemented by the jagged, disjointed melodies of Matthew Karas on guitar, keyboards and banjo and the untrippable rhythm section of Gianluca Galetti on bass and new drummer Emyr Tomos. Definitely one for fans of Beefheart, Zappa and Tom Waits”. - Martin, Hungry Dog Brand/Starving Mongrel Promotions.

“Kinda Birthday Party meets smooth jazz meets Captain Beefheart (some nice off kilter rhythms) meets ‘Low’ era Bowie (vocally-wise in a couple of places…no insult intended!) and a sprinkle of Mr Waits…cool as…” - Rex Diablo, Suitable Case for Treatment.

“Glassglue frontman Marcel Stoetzler may well look like a tall Max Wall but he in fact sounds more like a hybrid of both Marlene Dietrich and Howard Devoto. - Dexter Bentley’s Hello Goodbye Show, Resonance FM

Four crazed surgeons spaz out in the operating theatre. The patient is re-piped in a surgical steal nightmare. Glassglue is the result of a car crash involving Captain Beefheart and Kraftwerk. This is a stylised, clinical, art murder in cold blood. One listen will challenge your existence. You will not enjoy your time in the hospital. You were not supposed to. You can not judge this type of surgery. 95/100” - Peter Hitchings, Spill May 2006

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